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Business Basics

By the end of the program you will be running your own Digital Marketing Agency.  We make the administration of this incredibly easy, and  will walk you through: how to start a new company, setting up a corporate bank account, and how to manage contractors and vendors amongst other key skills.

Our curriculum is like a mini-MBA, focused on the needs of a Digital Marketing business owner.


Digital Marketing

The core of the curriculum is teaching you the proper skill set to be successful in digital marketing.  That includes: SEO/SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Data and Analytics.

Performance marketing is a rapidly changing field, but we will arm you with the key skills necessary to be successful today, and we will teach you how to keep your skills up to date in the future.


Marketing Yourself

Just like the companies you will serve, your business needs to market itself and get customers.  

Our go-to-market curriculum covers the how-to's of:

- Finding customers

- Discovery & Sales

- Crating a proposal

- Winning business

- Delivering projects on time, and on budget.

We only make money if you do, so we are invested in your success!


Community & Networking

Paradoxically, in our search for an independent career, we are often left without community. An advantage to learning with the Performance Collective, is that of a community of other entrepreneurs and networking with folks who've been there, done that. 

Learn, and be mentored from others who have gone through the transition of building their own businesses. Get time to connect with and learn from other freelancers who have set up their own digital marketing business.